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Unifor escalates the call for paid sick days



In the past several days, the call for paid sick days has reached a critical point. Workers across the province are united with doctors and public health experts in support of paid sick days now and against the government’s fumbling disappointments.

As you know, Unifor is hosting a series of Phone Zap events in the coming week to invite all members to add their voices to this call, but we’re not stopping there.

Over the next week, the Ontario Regional Council Executive is planning a patch-through phone campaign. We will be calling some members directly and inviting them to patch through and immediately connect with their MPP or a deciding Minister, to demand paid sick days for all.

Workers have already done everything that we can to stop the spread of this pandemic, it’s up to Doug Ford and his conservative ministers to follow through on their responsibilities and keep workers safe.

We hope that you pass this important message along to your members.

We won’t be able to call everyone, so there are more ways to participate if your members are not on our list.

Here’s how your Local can stay involved in the campaign to win Paid Sick Days Now.

  1. Share the Paid Sick Days campaign website with your members and across social media. Encourage members to fill out the petition and call their MPPs.
  2. RSVP for the upcoming Phone Zap events, or work with your local’s committees to organize your own. All it takes is a Zoom meeting and your MPPs phone number!

We cannot take our foot off the gas.

As trade unionists, we often have access to bargain benefits and protections like paid sick days for members, but until all workers in the province have paid sick days, this virus will keep spreading.

This isn’t all we have planned, and we look forward to sharing even more ORC actions with you in the near future.

In solidarity,

Naureen Rizvi                                             Scott McILmoyle
Ontario Regional Director                 Ontario Regional Council Chair