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Are you interested in attending the Unifor Aboriginal & Workers of Colour Conference?

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Union members of Local 975 who are interested in attending this conference should contact the 975 Union office prior to May 24th.

Unifor Aboriginal &Workers of Colour Conference
“Building Communities as Teachers and Students through Connections”
Friday June 21st – Sunday June 23rd, 2019
Unifor Family Education Centre in Port Elgin

Greetings to All My Relations!

Join us in 2019 to engage in creative workshops, cultural activities, networking opportunities and challenging discussions about reconciliation and justice in our workplaces, in our union and in the society. This year is extra special. The conference date was voted on by those who attended the conference last year and our first night falls on June 21, National Indigenous People’s day. We will mark this very important date with an Indigenous Feast beginning at 6:00 p.m. ET on Friday June 21, 2019. We will honour our elders, break bread with each other and celebrate the vast cultures of Indigenous people. On Saturday June 22, 2019 we will have a variety of workshops including Importance of Government, Indigenous Incentives, Racism and the Impact on the Mental Health of Indigenous and People of Colour, Slay the Mic, Mentorship, Migrant Workers and
International Solidarity.

The conference will provide a safe space for members who self-identify to share strategies and skills and ways to support those we can call on as allies to continue the fight for justice all around. Childcare and a teen program will be offered. Racism and discrimination impact people of all ages. On Sunday June 23rd, 2019, we will report back and hear from our future generations about what they need from us.

In these times when acts motivated by racism, Islamophobia and division have become everyday occurrences, there has never been a more opportune time to bring all of our Aboriginal and workers of colour members together to strategically find ways to support our allies in helping us all tackle hate.

We can all teach each other and learn from each other every single day. Through these connections throughout the union, we will stand in true solidarity where no one will be isolated, targeted or harmed. The Regional Aboriginal and Workers of Colour Standing Committees have been actively working to advance racial justice and equality in both our workplaces and our communities. They have done so by putting forth of resolutions on racial profiling at councils, lobbying the government for action on Truth and Reconciliation, taking on Islamophobia and supporting members from diverse communities, and hosting and participating in a variety of events across the country. Many of these members have been featured for their leadership during the equity months we recognize. Seeing ourselves as leaders was one of the key takeaways from last year’s conference and members have made good on that.

Last year’s conference was themed “Resistance, Reckoning and Reconciliation: Changing the World Through Activism”. We had just over two hundred participants. This year we will continue to build on what we started and it is our hope, that with your help, we will have many more in attendance this June. Our union’s commitment to the principles of human rights and equality can only be met with the enthusiastic participation and involvement of our leadership and activists. Please ensure women and young Aboriginal & Workers of Colour activists are in your delegation. Please make every effort to send delegates (leadership, political activists and benefit representatives) to this important conference.

The conference will be held at the Unifor Family Education Centre, in Port Elgin, Ontario. The conference will begin on Friday, June 21st at 6:00 p.m. and will adjourn on Sunday, June 23rd no later than 12:00 pm. Please note that room registration and check-in will begin after 3:00 p.m. on Friday, with dinner being served at 6:00 pm. Check out will be at 11:00 am – Please check out before attending the conference session on Sunday morning.