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EHS Negotiations Update - February 23, 2018

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Friday, February 23, 2018 - 05:00

EHS Bargaining Update February 23rd 2018
Andrew Steenson, EHS Unit Chair

Since our last update, we have had an unfortunate delay in setting up General Update meetings due to illness.  During this time senior Union leadership agreed to meet with the company to discuss possible ways to resolve the impasse.  John MacDonald, President and CEO of EnerCare Inc, and I met for over three hours on Family Day in an effort to determine how to proceed with negotiations and avoid any potential labour disruption.  I advised John that we had no intention of having a disruption and that the Union requested the assistance of a Conciliation Officer as we felt we were at an impasse and the company’s Bargaining Committee was not hearing us.  During that meeting, we agreed a larger meeting of senior leadership was in order so that we could continue this discussion.

On February 22nd, several members of our Bargaining Committee and I met with John MacDonald along with other senior leadership from the company to clarify to them why we feel we are at an impasse, why we were requesting certain information, and our positions on other outstanding issues.  It is our hope that having other Company leadership NOT at the bargaining table to have a better understanding of our issues and concerns.

At the close of that meeting, the Company asked if it was possible to get the Committees back to the table prior to the next scheduled bargaining dates set for the week of March 12th.  Unfortunately, due to a scheduling conflict, our National Rep is unavailable for the first 2 weeks of March however, the Union Bargaining Committee has decided to meet with the Company on March 1st and 2nd in “non -bargaining” sessions to try to produce a framework to resolve the outstanding matters.  If we are successful, the parties will attempt to finalize matters during the week of March 12th.  If these meetings do not produce any movement, we will be setting up area meetings to provide updates and conduct a Strike Vote.

Your Bargaining Committee greatly appreciates your continued patience and support.  Both sides are very aware of what has transpired over the past two Collective Agreements and are working very diligently not to repeat history.